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We put a lot of effort into offering high-quality work to secure the safety of our clients, to take good care of their
vehicles, and to satisfy clients in a variety of ways

Vehicle Diagnosing

Using specialist equipment and error codes, we also perform vehicle diagnosis, which is the process of locating and resolving issues in a vehicle's systems.

Vehicle Interior Polishing

We perform vehicle interior polishing, which comprises cleaning and repairing a car's interior surfaces to improve look and get rid of stains, flaws, and grime.

Vehicle Air-condition Servicing

To maintain optimum cooling performance, we undertake vehicle air conditioning servicing, maintenance, and repair, including cleaning, refrigerant recharge, and component inspection.

General Servicing

We provide general servicing to our clients, which entails routine upkeep procedures conducted on a vehicle, such as oil changes, fluid checks, filter replacements, and general inspection to ensure good working and avoid future complications.

Mining Support Services

To ensure effective and secure mining operations, we offer mining support services, which include a variety of specialized services to the mining industry, such as equipment maintenance, transportation, logistics, safety management, and technical support.

Car Electronics & Electrical Works

We specialize in car electronics and electrical work, which includes installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical and electronic equipment in automobiles, such as wiring, lights, alarms, and audio systems.

Engine Overhauling

We do engine overhauling, which is the comprehensive repair and restoration of an engine that include disassembling, cleaning, replacing worn-out parts, reassemblying, and testing in order to restore optimal performance and lengthen the engine's lifespan.

Body Works & Straightening

We provide body work and straightening, which include repairing and restoring a vehicle's outside body, including removing dents, scratching, and other damage brought on by mishaps or normal wear. This involves realigning panels, removing dents, sanding, painting, and verifying the structural soundness of the car's body.

Body Spraying

We offer body spraying, which is the practice of painting or putting a protective finish to a vehicle's external body. Surface preparation, primer application, color matching, and clear coating are all steps in the process to improve the appearance and shield the vehicle's body from the elements.

Car Programming

We perform automotive programming, which entails the use of specialist software and equipment to set up and upgrade a vehicle's electronic control systems. For appropriate functionality and interoperability with the vehicle's systems, it also entails programming key fobs, upgrading software, modifying settings, and diagnosing and resolving software-related problems.


In order to maintain, repair, or modify a car's interior parts, such as its seats, carpets, door panels, and headliners, we offer upholstery. Broken upholstery must be replaced or repaired, padding or foam must be added, and new fabrics or materials must be installed in order to increase comfort, aesthetics, and durability.

Car Assessing for Buying

We offer a car purchasing evaluation to our customers. evaluating and inspecting a used vehicle before purchasing. Examining the condition of the car, assessing its mechanical systems, reviewing maintenance records, giving the car a test drive, and creating an evaluation report are all necessary to determine the overall quality and value of the vehicle.

Our unwavering pursuit is to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Why settle for anything less than the best? Contact our mechanic shop now and let our skilled technicians take care of your automotive needs. Don’t wait—drive with peace of mind!

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